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Like most of you, while driving to and from work, I listen to sports radio. For the last few weeks, a hot topic has been the Wild West that the NIL has brought in. Commentators have been wringing their hands saying the current atmosphere is not what they expected. It’s a free for all with anything goes. What about the innocent, helpless, and defenseless student athletes? These commentators are demanding the hated NCAA take action. Many of the pundits celebrated the NCAA losing their court case. They delighted in spiking the ball in their faces. They won. They got everything they wanted. Now their worried? If I were the NCAA I would tell them to go pound sand. The dirty underbelly of college sports has been exposed. These “student athletes “ haven’t been students in decades. They are now officially independent contractors offering their services to the highest bidder. They should be treated as such.


Truly but just a sad state of affairs.

It’s like a old girlfriend that has once again appeared but is now asking for the highest bidder to take her to the prom. Then the stakes move up from there. A weekend date, then a out of state FB game. Then it progress to a weekend trip to a concert. Then it’s time to meet the parents and the bidding just keeps getting higher. The lower end groups just start dropping like flies. It’s now a mega event.

WHO wants Hope???


I agree. I wish the presidents of the schools could demand they go back to being an educational institution but that will not happen… At my age I will not see the end of this, but it looks like a train wreck about to happen.


Sad and I mean Sad but true. I’m not going to be here. BUT I was in on every Nolan game and the rise to NC. What a century is was.

I will say Sam, Muss, and DVH have raised us to the level I thought we should be at since Nolan…

I think what the handlers and uncles and cousins and moms and dad’s players whoever, all missed by being just blinded by pride and greed is that yeah, it sounds great , little Johnny is going to get paid and he’s now big time because he’s cashin checks. (Mind set)
But it’s also now a 2 way street. Why do we want to pay little Johnny when we can pay someone better than little Johnny?
Now that it’s legal to have slush funds why in the world would we pay you? We can do much better with our money. I understand we paid you last year but this guy we want next year may cost more but is a much better investment soooo cya! It was always about the money!

Now both sides can take advantage when most just saw a one way street to fame and fortune for players.

Nothing is going to change a lot for the top
50 or so guys, they were all getting paid anyway probably. Them and the top 100 or so will get pay raises. Everyone else is scrambling to find a gig pimping pop tarts somewhere or whatever they can get.

You are correct this is what they all wanted. For the top guys it’s great, but when you have been told your whole life that you are the best ever, then you find out you ain’t it’s not pleasant. I feel for those guys.


I think what a lot of you people in this thread forget is the fact that Arkansas football and basketball are as good right now, during the NIL era, they have been in a long time. Arkansas may actually be able to compete in this environment. There are some big money companies/folks, apparently, that are stepping up and are willing to pay in line with the rules. Thus, I’m not sure what you are complaining about. Are you jealous of these young folks getting NIL money? Are you just lashing out? These kids work hard and bring a lot of value to the University of Arkansas. What is wrong with it? As of right now, I have very little to complain about. Before NIL Arkansas was pretty clearly not cheating to the highest degree possible. Other teams were, and Arkansas was getting its brains beat in. Arkansas is winning in athletics now and I am enjoying it. I’m not going to complain one bit.

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Agree with a lot of what you say. Not so much on the poor, innocent, helpless athletes. Please note I left the student word out. Even when I was in college back in the 90’s I new that was a joke when all the athletes in my classes showed up on the first day, but never came back until the day of the finals, and they all got B’s in class. And yes these athletes bring value to the school. But so do regular students raking up debt or paying their own way likeI did.

NIL is the best thing to ever happen to UA athletics


Did not our football and basketball recent uptick really begin prior to NIL and the other successful programs were built with something other than payment to the athlete? While many of us understand excessive cheating was the way some programs built their successes and colleges and coaches were both being enriched while the athlete was not, it seems the Wild West approach we are seeing now seems fraught with peril. Seems throwing money at problems and ills very often creates opposite and equal problems.

Yes. Coupled with great coaching hires. But you have to have talent and the NIL money facilitates that. Sam and Muss are great recruiters but the NIL prospects help close a lot of deals we otherwise wouldn’t sniff. I’m amazed by it.

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See post just above. Yes, we made two good coaching hires and some success started at that point. But I think the NIL money really has elevated this thing to a lot higher levels than we ever thought possible. Just my opinion, but I think it’s a great deal. And in the case of student athletes, from zero money to decent money is a big shift. Makes a huge difference. Sometimes throwing money at issues does create a big positive change. It has here in my view.

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I’m failing to see a victim in NIL.


Could an athlete sign a horrible deal that puts him at financial risk? Sure. But that’s life. I’ve seen some employment contracts in the real world that were just about as bad. You need professional advice and most of these kids seem to be getting it.

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Yep. It’s out in the open and everyone can now see what’s been going on for decades.

Neither complaining or jealous. Just pointing out it wasn’t what everyone thought it was going to be. It’s a two way street, schools can pay who they want. Nothing has really changed for the top 50 guys.

We are killing it. It’s been good for us. Remaking the payroll yearly and getting the biggest bang for your buck you can afford. It’s been good for schools, ours anyway,

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Right on.

Arkansas fans whine about everything. I’m 58 and a real golden era finally is in reach thanks to all of this.

Why the hell should a freaking sports player not be allowed to play a sport where he /she wants and is wanted? Why shouldn’t he/she make some money from working so damn hard and bringing in huge revenues to their schools?

This is America, yes?

It’s never been about academics for fans, of course. They don’t cheer for GPAs or rally around math classes.

These simple hypocrites are so tiresome.


Welcome @Dana_Caldwell good to hear from you!

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Yes. Theses players, with the most talent, should be paid for their services. But let’s finally dispense with the Laughable “Student Athlete” garbage. As for the 99% who won’t go on to play pro sports or get an NIL deal, two words. Who cares.

Thanks, LD!

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Good take on things Dana, welcome to the board.