Too Early Prediction - Scoring Averages

15 - Nick Smith Jr
12 - J Graham
10 - Devo
10 - Council IV
8 - A Black
8 - J Walsh
8 - T Brazile
5 - M&M’s Combined
5 - Everyone Else

81 PPG


Just don’t see Devo averaging double figures, but I hope you’re right.

Moody averaged 16.8 as a freshman. I’m guessing you underestimated Smith’s average.

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Your guess is as good as any. Nick is an obvious pick as a big scorer. I think one of the transfers is going to surprise us with some higher than expected scoring. Could be the Missouri transfer.

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I agree with you about both Devo and Smith

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I agree about Brazile

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10 for Council and 5 for Everyone Else seems too high.

I’m not sure about the 81 ppg guess. We scored 76 last year with less talent and no 3-point shooting to speak of, but not sure where our deep shooting will come from this year either. But the 2021 average was 81 with 33% from deep so :man_shrugging:

I don’t see anything but names up there. Where are y’all seeing the points averages?

15 next to Nick, etc.

[quote=“mrbswax, post:1, topic:52082”]

Really good first stab at PPG. Obviously injuries could change everything, but hopefully not this season. Using your 81 points, I’d probably change like this:

15 - Nick Smith Jr - 19
12 - J Graham - 10
10 - Devo - 8
10 - Council IV - 8
8 - A Black - 8
8 - J Walsh - 10
8 - T Brazile - 10
5 - Ford (instead of M&M) - 5
5 - Everyone Else - 3

This team scoring 81 ppg depends a lot on Black being the PG we are hoping for. He will need to average 6-8 assists in SEC play for that to happen. Nick’s averaging 19 will also depend on that.

I think Brazile could be the break-out player for us, especially without JWill returning. We may need that to be the team we hope for.

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Duh I didn’t even see them to the left…thanks

It’s 2022; We now read right to left.

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In Arabic, Persian and other similar languages, they read right to left. Maybe that is the collateral damage of the two Iraq wars.

I don’t get the Jalen Graham love. He hasn’t ever averaged 10 pts per game. And now he transfers to a team that’s way better and stacked with scorers and y’all really think he’s going to have a career best season and be second leading scorer on a national championship contender with a top two recruiting class??

I tend to agree dogen, I do think Brazile will improve

He averaged 9.9 last season, and in conference got up to 12, which was No. 2 on the team. I don’t know about him being the second-leading scorer next season, but being surrounded by talented teammates who are willing facilitators can raise your level of play and make you a better player on either end. I like Graham a lot.


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