Too cold to play?


We have had some rough weather so far this year probably more than I can remember. Saturday’s going to be 39 so it’s going to be brutal again

My old way of staying warm involved “the baggie”. It was like a sleeping bag that only came to my waist. The problem was that once in it, I was almost immobile. Now I have a new pair of rain pants with a warm lining. With the right long johns, I can stay warm and still be able to move around. BTW, the down jacket shown below makes me look like a cardinal Michelin woman, but it sure is warm.

The baggie


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I have to ask, isn’t it a bit of a hassle to go to the bathroom?

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Well, yeah. But now that “the baggie” is retired, that is no longer a problem.

Surely the retired baggie was a keepsake.

Oh, I still have it and I can drag it out if the occasion calls for it. When all zipped up to stow away it looks like a seat cushion.

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