Too bad Chiefs

I wished they would’ve won, but I was reminded of a couple of things before the game: 1. Andy Reid was the coach of the Chiefs, and 2. The Chiefs QB had ice water running through his veins but the Steelers QB had antifreeze running through his veins and gonna be freezing weather in KC. Give me a swig of that moonshine.

Steelers also had Le’Veon Bell. Chiefs didn’t. I read this morning that Bell was like the #209 RB recruit in the country his senior year in high school in Ohio. He still remembers that, and it still drives him. I don’t know who ranked him there. Rivals had him as a 2-star with no national rating at all. (To be fair, 247 had him as the #131 RB, and the #120 prospect that year in Ohio). Yet here he is, one of the best backs in the NFL, a college star at Michigan State before that. Just one more brick in the wall that should imprison stargazing forever.

Defense did a good job of bend but dont break. Amazing to hold Pitt to 6 field goals. The D still needed a couple more three and outs, 5 and out, even a 10 and out :stuck_out_tongue:

KC Offense sucked except for the first series and the last series. You have to push the ball down the field to loosen up the short to intermediate throws

Offense line for KC folded. Steelers was exceptional.

I hated that hold call on the 2 point conversion. They had been letting that go all game and had been letting them play down the field. To call it at that point, after establishing their precedence to let them play all game was BS. It WAS a legit hold by rule. It was NOT the reason they lost. However I hated seeing the refs take control of the game at that point.

It is what it is. Looking forward to seeing what Dorsey does in the off season.

Wow, I’m gonna have to agree with the Swine on his stargazing comment. Not a fan of recruiting complaints on this board :sunglasses:

I thought the Steelers dominated the game from start to finish and the better team will face Brady and co, the box score backs me up, with the exception of TD’s. To the Chief’s credit, they won their division with a bend but don’t break D.