Tony Vitello to Mizzou?

Kendall Rogers tweeted this afternoon that Rob Walton was a focus of Mizzou’s baseball coaching search, but that he has decided to stay at Oklahoma State. He said that Vitello is the next one up to watch. :frowning:

I was really hoping we could keep him, but I don’t see him turning down that opportunity.

I’ve said from the start that I think he’ll take the Missouri job if it is offered. If he does, who can blame him? That’s home and not many get to start their head coaching career in the SEC.

I hate to see him leave but that is his alma mater. He will have his work cut out for him, Missouri was not much better than us this past year. It is always good to see former coaches do well. I’m sure DVH has been expecting this and probably has some names to replace Tony,

If Tony does leave, I hope DVH gets as good of a hire as Wes Johnson.

You don’t have to worry about that!