Tony Vitello on staying and talking to Mizzou … -arkansas/

Thanks Matt. Nice info on the interview and result. Hope he’s ours for a long time; I’m a believer in continuity. :wink:

I like having assistants who are ambitious and have the qualities to be a head coach. Frank Broyles staffs were full of guys like that. He also had a few who stuck around a long time. You need a mix of continuity and intensity and ambition. I’m glad Vitello is staying, but I don’t expect him to pass up an opportunity to move up. Good for him if he does. DVH will find a great replacement.

Tony will be in the mix for other jobs. Someone will grab him eventually. But he is excited to be at Arkansas. He is very comfortable with Dave Van Horn. Coach Van Horn is letting him do more coaching and he excels at instruction. Tony soaks up everything. He’s the son of a great coach and you can tell he understands the mission, as far as instruction and relationships.