Tony Romo … ots-ot-win

I enjoy Nantz/Romo the most w Buck/Aikman a close 2nd. The Monday Nite trio, well I can barely keep the volume on.

I loved Romo as a player, so I’m partial to him in the booth. But I think he does a great job. He has enthusiasm about the game, which isn’t the case with every network’s No. 1 analyst, especially on the NFL side. He reminds me a little of Kirk Herbstreit with college football and Kyle Peterson with college baseball on ESPN. It’s obvious they know the game, but also that they are enjoying their work. That makes a broadcast more fun for the viewer.

He’s brilliant, which would be my opinion even if he had been a Redskin.

I could be a biased Cowboy fan but I like Romo in the booth as well. Seems to have a little more pizazz than Aikman without over doing it. Or maybe because he smiles more.
I think Aikman and Buck are a good combo too.
They Troy & Tony were both tough QB’s in their day.

Troy tells you why something happened.

Tony tells you what is going to happen

Rumor has it Goldman Sachs will be calling Tony soon :smiley:

I think Romo is really good, and generally I like Aikman and Buck. Aikman is getting crankier about poor play and officiating as he gets older, and I kind of like that, too.

I like Booger on Monday night football, but I wish they would just decide never to show the guy’s funky defensive lineman fingers while he’s talking, those things are distracting. Whitten is in over his head right now, but I think they should give him another year to work on it, tough gig for a rookie color guy.

The one who really stinks on Monday night football is the play-by-play guy. He tries to inject fake drama and significance into the game every week, often tied to some silly theme or angle on a particular player. He acts like he’s doing Sun Belt games on Wednesday night and has to oversell the game so that somebody will watch.

…is 3 in the booth 1 too many? I think so.
Booger is not in the actual booth…but catch my drift.

Nance and Romo = Gold Standard. Aikman is ok, but don’t care for Buck. Whitten is an acquired taste not yet accepted by my pallet. I wish ESPN would bring back the PBP guy from last year who mostly spoke thru his nose. Tesetore needs to call rasslin and roller derby!

Sean McDonough didn’t like calling pro football and wanted to go back to the college game. I think he is really good.

Heard a report today that Tony is about to get a new $4 million deal with CBS! Good for him, does a fantastic job!!!

Tony already makes $4 Million and is going to get a big raise. He is the best even in his second year and should be put on Masters with Nance. They are the best hands down.

Aikman sounds like he’s been sedated most of the time.

I did notice in the KC v New England game that Romo would tell you where
Brady was going to throw based on the defensive alignment and what to
watch for if it had optional routes. He seemed to get it right about 9 out of
10 times.

I found this very interesting to see a play from the QB view and what he
watches for from the defense.

So yes, even though I’m a die-hard Steeler Fan and thus never will be a cowboy
fan, I find Romo is an A+ when announcing a game. As hard as that is to say
since he was a Cowboy.

I’m old and have heard good and bad in my time. He may very well be the best I’ve heard. A lot of times I have to mute because of all the drivel. He sure made the broadcast team stronger!

Romo was terrific, maybe best I’ve heard. I generally hate color analysts. I want them to shut up. Not Tony. He was telling you exactly what Brady was looking for and the checks based on defensive coverage. He also told you what problems Pats were giving Mahomes early. I could not believe how good he was with the analysis. He mostly saw the officiating calls as they were happening, too. I don’t recall many who have been as good. I would guess he would be great at Augusta, too. He’s a golf nut and I mean that in a good way.

Not trying to bash Dak Prescott, but I wonder if the Cowboys would have won the Super Bowl in Dak’s rookie year if Romo stayed healthy. Obviously, Tony has studied the game. And I absolutely agree with you about him at Augusta

Tony is good, but sometimes he talks too much and gets too much into the broadcast, but overall he is very good. Jim Nance is a nice guy, but he tries too hard and is too dramatic. He comes off as a phony. Nance is just on too much with basketball, football and golf. He needs to take a vacation.

Joe Buck and Troy are my preferred broadcast team. Fox just does a great job with football. Their studio group is great and funny.

He reminds me a little of Hank Stram. He loved to try and predict the play before the snap.

Life long Steeler fan and Cowboys hater. Thought Romo was an ok qb who was never Elite. As a color guy, I have let him grow on me. Throughly enjoyed his call. Wish he was paired with Al Michaels. Nance, not so much.