Tony Green and Ted Valentine

I think I’d rather watch home improvement shows than watch these guys referee basketball.

Sure can’t say much for their officiating, really inconsistent on the inside.

Old TV Teddy, always lets you know he’s there.

Ted was one of the refs in the '94 final against Duke, by the way. Jim Burr retired in '15, Jody Silvester several years before that, but old Teddy is still calling mystery fouls.

Glad that they had the video review to correct that out of bounds call in the last two minutes that Ted missed on Macon.

They were seeing the world through an orange tinted lens tonight.

It was Green that missed the call. These guys call games differently when working other conferences. Same contact but not as many fouls called.

Vol fans apparently have had issues with Valentine. Several around me last night were going on and on about him.

I thought it was pretty even on the calls the first half. The second half was all orange.

That crowd was into it. Our guys did not flinch.

One of the first things I do when I come to BWA is to check to see who the refs are. If I see Tony Green, I have this urge to turn around and leave. Throughout the game I end up watching Tony more than the players. That is irritating by itself, but I get irritated at how many calls Tony makes when he is further from the spot where the supposed foul occurred than the other refs.

That is the weakness of SEC officiating - their crews often consist of at least one ref who is inexperienced, and at least one who thinks he’s the league’s reigning veteran + it’s his job to “take control.”