Tony Bennet Must Go!

He left his clipboard in Charlottesville! Worse than almost losing to Coastal Carolina.

Doesn’t teach blocking out, got killed on the boards, doesn’t teach defending the 3, got lit up by wide open threes every time and all night, doesn’t teach defense, and has terrible guards, they got driven by like they weren’t even there. Plus play a stupid system. Play the only way his opponent had a chance to win. Refuses to change going to play his way no matter what. No adjustments. Can’t keep playing slow and keeping the score low and calling it defense. Blown out by 20 by a terrible team. Terrible.

16 did finally beat a 1 seed, and the 1 seed overall, but history now to be broken will be a number 1 seed overall losing to a 16 by more than 20 points. That may take awhile.

Yea, we had a bad day as Hog fans, but not even close to what Cavalier fans did.
Just goes to prove that on any given day if the perceived better team doesn’t focus on the team in front of them they can get upset.
Ask Arizona fans how they feel about their coach and the direction of their program?
Bennett’s team is systematically flawed because they can’t play any other pace than clock draining offense which always leads to low scoring output. They are not ever going to win a national championship believing they can hold 6 good teams to below 60 points.
Tony Bennett is a class act as a coach, but like Coach Anderson is tied to playing a system and not having enough flexibility to understand that you must be able to play multiple schemes depending on your opponent.
However disappointed both our fa bases, I don’t expect that either coach is in the slightest danger of losing their jobs and shouldn’t be, they both need to learn to adjust to the talent on their team and teach them multiple schemes to play the game of basketball going forward.

Go Hogs!

The man is a horrible coach. I don’t know how he keeps his job.

I mean really, the #2 overall seed in the tournament? Doesn’t he not realize that the standard is the #1 seed?

They play no defense. He stubbornly refuses to change his defense. The trapping man to man wasn’t working, he should have switch to a zone. Even a blind man could see that.

He just can’t recruit enough to compete in the ACC.

Virginia was the Number 1 overall seed in the Dance! Coach Bennett’s players had a bad day and yes when you have a bad day anyone can beat you! He showed class as he ate crow in the post game interview. Something post of us would have issue with. He is a good coach and they a great season! I just wish we played them.

Let’s not forget they lost their ACC 6th man of the year player this week. Bad loss, but things happen. I love Virginia and the way they play defense. They didn’t play good defense in round 1 tho. Seem to have lost their mojo with the loss of Hunter.

Watch the defense as teams advance. It ain’t gonna by run and gun that wins it all.

I hope Thomas Jefferson and the Board of Regents don’t overreact and fire him. :grinning:


But seriously, I wonder if some posters watch just the coach during the game instead of players on the court. After the games their posts tend to critic just the coaches. First thing that comes out of their mouth is that this coach got out coached by this coach.

Good stuff Gas!

I highly doubt any of the posters that complain all the time watch any college basketball other than the razorbacks after football season ends.

Probably true, since football fans just want to talk about the coach.