Tony Barnhart on the outlook for college football

We’ll know a lot more after the SEC schools vote tomorrow. Also the NCAA is expected to lift the ban on athletes on campus which was due to expire May 31.

The SEC could let athletes return June 1 or some schools would prefer June 15.

Barnhart thinks it’s likely the SEC teams will start the season on time. Will we have fans in the stands for Nevada? Probably not. Will Nevada be able to play then? Dunno.

Just thought of a what-if. Let’s say the models projecting a December surge in the virus are correct. What does that do to bowl games, or the CFP? You gonna send people to Miami for the CFP title game on Jan. 11 in front of 15,000 people like the Dolphins plan to do? Or in front of nobody?


Another what-if. There is no second wave?


That’s easy. Unlikely, but easy. We return to the new normal. Whatever that is, and whenever that is possible. But it isn’t going to be the way things were before mid-March.

The SEC vote is Friday.

Oh OK. I saw Thursday somewhere.

How about a little more optimism.
Testing is on the rise which gives us more data on how many people have contracted the virus and in return gives those in charge a better understanding of how to safely reopen business and entertainment venues to the general public.
It’s important during times of national crisis for all to be pulling the rope together in order to overcome the obstacle we are facing.
A house divided can not stand, its time for all Americans to decide if they chose to be part of the solution and do whatever is necessary to defeat this common enemy or not.
We will get through this as sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow.

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Amen dfarris. Some of our posters think good news is bad news.

It’s similar to when we have a coach they don’t like. Every victory is followed by but, but , but…

They seem to want to lose so we can get a new coach. I’ve never understood that mentality.

As they say, there is always a but.

What I will tell you, most people want this to be over. But we all have our eyes wide open.

I am venturing out a little more. But I admit I’m nervous when I do. And I could not be in a better spot: Norfork, population 511.

Saw a construction spot south of town. No clue what it’s going to be, but I’m guessing Dollar General. I hope it’s a Sonic, but that is probably not possible.


I have kind of always thought they would try to start on time if at all possible because I really feel like that’s the only way we can get in a full season in,if we do it then. I really don’t expect any fans though, they may be limited seating like I talked about a couple of weeks ago but would probably think no fans at least the beginning.

We rented a beach house in Gulf Shores this week with our kids and 7 grands. It’s been good to hug them again after a couple of month is shelter in place. Our beach is isolated and we’re the only folks on it. Down the road with the high rises the beach is pretty full. I would not want to be near that place. We get Walmart pick up but went to Dollar store yesterday. No One wearing masks but us.

We are very cautious and will head home Saturday and hunker down again.

It’s interesting to see the diversity of opinions on the virus. Downright funny at times.

I would love for the virus to go away; for there to be an effective, proven treatment; for there to be an effective, safe vaccine. But until any of those three things are true, we have to deal with the current reality and try to figure out how that reality is going to evolve. A 2020 football season, fans or no fans, looks more likely now than it did a few weeks ago, but it’s not a given.

We are headed to Gulf Shores a week from Saturday. We looked at houses, but I just couldn’t swing the money for a house when there is only 4 of us going. Back in the day, it would be 12 people. So, we are staying in a condo. It is not one of the huge ones, but not tiny either. We will see how it goes. We are taking the vast majority of food with us, to limit having to go to WalMart, etc. Of course we can’t take everything. We aren’t planning on eating out any once we get there (which is different for us, we usually would eat out, even take out, 2 or 3 times).

We started going to Gulf Shores in 1973. There wasn’t a single condo to be found, not many nice houses. We stayed at the Holiday Inn (now long gone) for several years before we started renting houses. It was a sleepy little place back then. The first year we went, the gas station we pulled into when we got to town, the guy pumping gas told us that that winter was the first winter he had ever stayed open all winter. I guess Gulf Shores was starting to grow at that point. There was no Orange Beach. If you drove east out of town, there was nothing until you got to Florida, then, mostly nothing again!

Sorry for the long, off topic post. This trip down will be our first trip since my mom passed, the second since my dad passed. It has me thinking a lot about “old times.”

I get it stillgreghog my niece came here with her family for years. We lost her one year ago last week. This trip is kinda in her honor. Sweet memories but tears still at times.


Staying off topic…I fondly remember my family vacations to Destin, Florida during the summers of 1966 and 1967. We and few others were the only ones enjoying that beautiful beach! I’m afraid to imagine how built up it must be by now.


Just think, if your family had bought a lot on the beach back then what you could have gotten it for!

My dad used to tell the story about how in 1973, the first year we went to Gulf Shores, he talked to a guy about buying a beach front lot. It was $5,000. Now, 1973 was a long time ago, but that works out to about $30,000 in today’s money. What I would give to be able to buy a beach front lot in Gulf Shores for $30,000!!!

One more “what if”: What if a team suddenly has 3-4 or more players test positive? I assume they’ll be unable to play or attend the game, but if they’ve been in close contact with others on the team, will they keep all those from playing? What if there’s an outbreak of symptoms on a team? Do the games go on?

The Arkansas team that played Missouri last year left a coach and several other players - mostly corners - home because of measles. This kind of deal will likely happen to a team this year. It could wipe out the entire QB room. Or the entire O-line. It will happen some place.

I don’t mean they will all get sick, but 2-3 could mean 6-7 (and a coach) get quarantined and miss 2 games.