Tony Barnhardt Has Hogs going .....

0-8 in the SEC. I disagree with this, but let’s assume he is correct. That would mean since the bike went in the ditch the Hogs will have gone 13-43 in league play.

Yikes … ow-nobody/

I don’t like him or his opinions! He feels the same way about everything Arkansas.
The hogs should beat Ole Miss! Defense should be good enough to hold a lead so I’d say the Texas A&M game could go the hogs way. Moo U could go either way!
The Bama and Auburn game would take disine intervention for the hogs to win! The rest of the games should be in the category of coin flips in my opinion depending on the defense.

Arkansas will beat LSU

I believe the Hogs defense will be better than average in the SEC; which should win 1 or 2 games. If one of the QBs comes around quickly, the Hogs just might win 6 or 7 overall.

Don’t forget, we play Vandy this year! Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think 3 SEC wins is that much of a stretch. I see a much improved Defense, at least a slightly improved O-line, and better WR play. I think that CCM will be a better game manager than CBB. If we get decent QB play, we could shock the world and win 4 or 5 SEC games.

I actually think the hogs can win 4 or 5 sec games! Two things will help with this.
The defense will be aggressive under Chavis and our offense won’t let the opposing defense rest for the full play clock and know when the snap is coming.

Right now I have them going 6-6, which would mean 2 SEC wins - both at home - over Ole Miss and Vandy.

I think we beat Vandy and OM. I think Miss St. and Mizzou are also very winnable games. IMO the next tier is LSU and aTm, then Aub and bama. Will be interesting to see how the defense plays. Everybody says they want an attacking defense until it gets torched a couple times. Of course, the last two years ours was torched even when we weren’t particularly aggressive with blitzes and such. Most say it can’t get any worse, I sure hope they are right. I am hoping for a big season, it is possible, but if I had to bet I would go with 7 or 8 wins.

1 or 2 wins would seem to be about right. We have the same team we had last year without Austin Allen and Frank Ragnow. We are adding some redshirted guys and freshman, but the squad was overmatched most of the time in the SEC. Vandy and Ole Miss at home would be certainly winnable with maybe one upset. I don’t look for much this year…let Coach figure out which way is up. He needs some time.

They were competitive against Mizzou, Miss State, Ole Miss, and A&M. Closing was not the last staff’s strong suit - can this staff win their fair share of close games in 2018 and beyond?

5 wins total and 2 in the conference sound about right to me. That being said 6 is possible but if CCM wins 6 games including 3 in conference he should probably be the SEC Coach of the Year. More wins that that should probably make him National Coach of the Year. :smiley:

Defense should be better but I just don’t see it being SEC good yet and the offense will probably score points if the QB position is adequate but any injury on either side of the ball will be very hard to overcome during SEC play. There is some talent on this team at several key positions but some of it is untested and young. Just not enough depth - yet.

This next recruiting class is critical and hopefully we’re not hoping for 6 wins at best the following season. I know it will take 2 - 3 years of solid recruiting to get where we all want to be and winning some games along the way will help that process.

I remain cautiously optimistic…

Frankly I’m not very concerned about our record this year. Sure I would like to see us win 7 or 8 and go to the Cotton Bowl but just give me a recruiting class in the top 15 and I’ll be satisfied. The rest will work itself out.

Of All SEC teams I enjoy beating LSU more than any other

I hope you are correct

I think the season all hangs on the Colorado St game

Razorbacks win there I think they will be strong enough to beat Vandy

And hand a chance to beat ole Miss - Ark should beat Mizzou but it’s a breakfast game after thanksgiving at thier place - tough one