Tons of WRs this season

I think we all expect Treylon Burks to have a great year and I think we have seen enough consistency from Mike Smith and De’Vion Warren to expect them to be big parts of the picture.

But who grabs the playing time after that? There sure are plenty of candidates

Scholarship returnees:

Treylon Burks
Mike Woods
Devion Warren
Trey Knox
TJ Hammonds (RB or WR or both?)
Jaqualyn Crawford (OU transfer who practiced with Arkansas last season)
Tyson Morris
Kolian Jackson

Returning walk ons

John Davis White
Karch Gardiner
Harper Cole
Kevin Compton
Kendal Catalon

Ketron Jackson
Bryce Stephens
Jaedon Wilson
Rahiem “Rocket” Sanders (WR and RB)

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Any of them play DE?

I think Burks could. Heck, he could play anywhere.

But WR seems to suit him just fine.


Looking for Knox to put it all together this season. He could be a 35-40 catch guy. Hoping that Warren will be 100%…

Now we have to get a QB to get it to them… Will be interesting to see if we can get somebody ready to play at a very competitive SEC standard.

I think your fellow Mississippian, will be that man, youdaman.

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It sure seems this fall practice should be hyper-competitive to find the top 6-8 players.

Is there a formation that puts Burks at a TE spot or is that crazy talk to put your best WR at TE?

We will see,we don’t have a polished go to guy at our work cut out for us in developing them into top tier SEC QB

It all depends on if we have an o-line who can block long enough for us to throw some passes.

I think Woods, and Crawford blow up this year…

I also think Knox shows up , and TJ Hammonds at RB has a good Sr Season behind Smith…

We have a really good WR corps… especially when you factor in the freshman class.

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