Tons of media day/practice observations

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Got a lot of stuff I’m saving for what should be some cool stories, but put some media day tidbits in there.

The first 45 or so minutes of practice were open and I took a ton of notes. Team is really, really athletic.

“Beard has dropped weight”. Have been waiting to hear these words for two years now.

Looked very svelte. Should help him on both ends of the court. Really interested to see if he can find the right scoring/distributing balance on offense for a majority of the season rather than going long stretches where he’s trying to do too much.

Good stuff, as usual.

I sorta summarized this at the end, but Gafford and Hall were both really impressive to me.

Gafford is really, really good from an athletic standpoint. He had a couple ‘wow’ moments. Darious is super long, a good athlete and seems to have a nice feel for the game. Didn’t force the issue and made the right play. Ran into Mike as I was walking out and chatted with him for a sec. Made the Coty Clarke comparison and while Mike said he wasn’t ready to go that far, it’s obvious he likes him a lot.

C.J. didn’t knock down some open looks in live settings, but it’s just one day. Shot it well in drills. You hope Khalil can get cleared, because he looks athletic enough to help. Was more impressed with Adrio than Dustin, but again it’s just one day.

We’re supposed to get to see them a few more times before Red-White. Looking forward to it.


i thought garland was cleared already… not yet?

Garland has a condition that is keeping him from being fully cleared yet. He went through some drills during the open portion the other day, but sat on the sideline for much of it.

have they said what the cndition is? and have they set a date when they’ll determine if he’s clear or out for this year?

Arkansas won’t say what the condition is because of HIPAA. We’ve heard it is heart-related.