Tonight's team meeting

I think the initial confusion was that the “…” were not ellipses, simply indicating a brief pause between one word and another. It was a “blank” to intentionally denote that a key word was left out. I think most understand that now.

The polite version would be he isn’t “messing” around.

You’re right. Sorry wasn’t paying attention.

Nothing to apologize for. We all do stuff like that from time to time; after all, WE know what we mean - lol.

Main thing is the content. I’m glad to see Coach throwing down the no-nonsense expectations from Day 1 this season.

Love it. About time and I hope that is only the start. this bunch can have their “cookies and milk” after they play a football game. They have not come close to that!!!

I read that as an ellipsis as well, Wiz. That was confusing.

I love that he is putting it out there. No excuses!!!

Of course, they need to believe him. They need to believe that if they don’t tow the line or fall in line, they’re gone. I assume that was the way things were last year, but all it takes is just a little favoritism and/or not doing what you say to create distrust among players. Trust is such a big thing in leadership. I have no reason to believe Morris has not earned the team’s trust. Just raising this point.

You can best believe it was like that on Frank’s teams, on Darrell’s teams, on Bear’s teams.

You get the idea.

It’s a different day. And you can’t get by with some of the methods they used to “trim the roster”. In at least some cases, that’s not a bad thing.

But one way or another, players HAVE to know that their top effort is all that’s acceptable. I don’t envy coaches, in this day and age, having to get that message across. But somehow, they have to.


I follow one of the players on Snapchat and he posted a pic of one of the papers they got from the staff. They have to earn their workout gear. The first quarter dress code is a plain white t-shirt and solid grey shorts or a grey sweatshirt with grey sweatpants. They are not allowed to wear earrings or cutoffs. “Everything must be earned” is in bold print on the paper.

[/quote]Love it. Should have happened sooner, but I can understand why it didn’t. He probably sounded heavy-handed as it were last year and didn’t want to push too hard for fear of completely losing the team. But the more this team becomes his players, the more he can push–and this is a shove in the right direction.

Pretty simple quitting is not an option. You may not have as much talent but effort will be given on every play. Putting your head in a hole is not going to work. Half hearted effort is what we witnessed especially from one player whom declared for the NFL draft.
The bit scot meeting are over about time.

Hopefully Hicks can come in with a mature attitude & leadership qualities to help Keep the team focused on the CCM way of doing things, especially the youngsters.