Tonight's team meeting

I was told Morris isn’t … around and he let the team know it.

He didn’t say it the word but he got the point across.

I like that. No playing.

Btw…my first post here. I am also on the other messageboards ( 247 and Rivals ) but I couldn’t resist checking things out here. Looks cool so far.

You will see accurate information that Dudley and Richard post. There’s a lot of old time hogs fans on here.

I guess I missed something. Whst happened that he felt the need to have this meeting with that message?

2-10 and some of the stuff that went on on/off the field during that disaster probably had something to do with it.

Welcome aboard & stick around, especially if you fully understood Richards thread about that meeting. Not sure many of us did.

Can you be a little more vague? :smiley:


Morris isn’t what?

He isn’t BLANKING around!

I follow one of the players on Snapchat and he posted a pic of one of the papers they got from the staff. They have to earn their workout gear. The first quarter dress code is a plain white t-shirt and solid grey shorts or a grey sweatshirt with grey sweatpants. They are not allowed to wear earrings or cutoffs. “Everything must be earned” is in bold print on the paper.

We’re in a tough league and it takes tough people to win… good on Morris and the staff.


better late than never

You mean there were no references to K-dog, B-Wall, J-Will, etc

I’m told Morris said the following too:

“Congratulations to all of you for making it back, but if you’re not 100% bought into what we are doing, get up and leave now.”

Did anyone get up and leave?

I’m glad Twobit asked because I was confused (I see now that I was being stupid, but that isn’t new). I read it that Morris was around (as in out of town) and let the team know it, but that didn’t make any sense. He isn’t blanking around, that makes sense!

I did. Not willing to get up for those 6 am workouts.

I get it now, only took 18 replies.
Good on Coach Morris.
Hammer Down!