Tonight's Soccer Game

Mid-afternoon SECNplus finally posted that tonight’s 7 PM soccer game against Missouri will be streamed. For whatever reason, this had not been previously announced on ESPN or SECN.

It had been on the UA schedule as streaming all along.

Right on cue…

The Captain did not mix words!

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Really? I just told him where to look and you think that’s rude? Some of you really need to lighten up.

Maybe it was the “all along” part or maybe its just the overall pattern around here. Maybe like some people don’t “suffer fools” very well (deleted comment) others don’t suffer rudeness well. Like Captain Woodrow F. McCall.

I did not mention the UA Soccer schedule. ESPN carries the schedules for games it carries on its platform including ESPN Plus, SECN, and SECPlus. It was not on the ESPN site until midafternoon. Surprisingly, the next game was also added.

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