Tonight's game will begin on ESPNews

It will move to ESPN2 once the Ole Miss-Southern Miss game ends.

I got it in my phone last night. Is it possible to get it on my computer? I know nothing. I have you tube TV. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kind of thought that.

Just google watch ESPN and go to the site you can watch it

Thanks. It shows ESPN2. I thought it was ESPN NEWS? I see now that it will switch once Ole Miss quits playing. Thanks again.

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Doesn’t matter on watch ESPN… it will stream the game… on TV game will start on ESPN news

What channel if I have Dish?

woo hoo WPS!

Matt when and where will they play NC st.?

You’re busy,I’ll google it.

Games will be at Baum probably Fri-Sun but could be Sat-Mon…will know tomorrow I would guess.

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