Tonight's Arkansas baseball line up is different

LF Zach Gregory .400
CF Christian Franklin .414
RF Heston Kjerstad .394
DH Matt Goodheart .235
C Casey Opitz .346
SS Casey Martin . 214
2B Robert Moore .370
3B Jacob Nesbit .310
1B Cole Austin .250

P Patrick Wicklander (2-0, 0.00 ERA)

TEXAS (9-1)

CF Austin Todd . 342
LF Eric Kennedy .241
1B Zach Zubia .250
3B Cam Williams .300
SS Trey Faltine .233
DH DJ Petrinsky .150
C Silas Ardoin .308
RF Douglas Hodo III .182
2B Brenden Dixon .087

P Ty Madden (2-0, 0.60)

I like it

Thanks Dudley.

I’m surprised there wasn’t more changes! But I like it.

By all accounts their pitcher has been almost unhittable so hopefully our left handed batters in the lineup can do some damage.I’m pretty sure the right-handers are going to see a steady diet of breaking balls I know I sure as heck would

Madden has given up 6 hits in 15 innings while fanning 14 and walking 2.

Wicklander has given up 4 hits in 11 innings, whiffing 4 and issuing three free passes.

Setting up to be low scoring for sure… I think wicklander was very sharp against them last year except for one inning I believe

Casey has not escaped the curse of potential, at some point pragmatism will have to come into how much he plays, where he plays and where he bats. Last yr was not up to his FR year and this year has a long way to go for him to hit a semblance of himself. Team first wins.

Now that the Baylor and LSU fans have left the building, I would say Minute Maid Park is about split with maybe a few more Longhorn fans.

Of course, it’s still 49 minutes from first pitch

I’m sure it will be super regional type atmosphere. Just hope we get off to a good start

No media options here so any updates from time to time is greatly appreciated.

Dudley’s updates are here:

Thank you very much Matt, Dud!

Have you tried watching on some of the online streams this weekend?

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