My Dish TV guide is not showing tonight’s AR bb game scheduled on ANY ESPN channels! ??

ESPN 2 at 8:30

Thanks, I looked again and found it. :roll_eyes: :face_with_monocle:

Finally, a.normal channel! My first opportunity to see us play this season. GHG!

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If we’d lost last night, we would have been on ESPNews again, as Illinois-K-State is tonight.

There is a game on Right before ours, Hopefully our game will start on time.

I hated the ESPN News stream. It kept locking up and having to be restarted about six times.

That’s generally your ISP’s fault. Or your WiFi. Being stuck in a hotel most of the time, I’ve gotten used to bad WiFi. Once I called the front desk to complain (I actually was watching a game, but told them I was trying to get work done in my room) and they gave me the secret code to their good WiFi. So the next time it happened, I called the front desk again. Did they give me the secret code? Nope. They said they would call their WiFi maintenance guy. I rolled my eyes and went back to restarting the feed.

A little trick I’ve found, though. Instead of restarting, just click stop, wait a few seconds and then click play again. It often works without the whole rebooting process.

Mine was locking up last week, I don’t know if this would help, I bought a WiFi booster, for $40.00, it hasn’t locked up since

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I got the wifi booster, one gig AT&T fiber internet, and I still locked up and restarted six times. I will try Swine’s start/stop thingy next time.

I would guess, if the other game runs over, we will start on time, but on ESPN News, since it’s just showing a program repeat at our start time.

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