Tonight was.....disgusting

I was lucky (or unlucky depending upon perspective) to get to sit right behind the Razorback bench on the front row.

What I saw was a real eye-opener. With the caveat that players handle things in different ways, I’ll say it just appears to me that the whole lot of them are going through the motions.

I bet our redshirting offensive line class didn’t stop talking to one another for two minutes total during the game but during that time I bet they only watched about 15% of the game. I can’t say for sure but it did not look like they were talking about the game or even really paying much attention to it.

Maybe that’s no big deal but it sure was offputting for someone like me who drove 11 hours round-trip ( and through the middle of the night tonight) and spent several hundred dollars to watch a bunch of guys who at least by appearance seemed to care much less about the outcome than I did. My 10-year-old son mentioned that they looked like they didn’t even care they were getting destroyed.

I understand that some of that is just optics and that they spend a lot of time on football and I’m sure they care, somewhat.

But from my seat it sure seem to be mailed in by them. Almost all of them.

There was a little life early but just as is usually the case as soon as something went wrong–and it always does because it’s football–they folded up like a cheap tent.

It was particularly noticeable with the tackling. I can stomach losing to a better team and I certainly understand that with the team like this that it’s going to happen. But I cannot stand lack of effort and I saw lots of that. The goal line touchdown they scored between the tackles when everyone just stopped and played pitty pat was pathetic.

Offensively, Kurt Anderson is probably a good coach but boy he looks like he is either checked out or at a complete loss as to what to do with this group–or both.

Much of the time tonight he didn’t even seem to be saying anything to them on the sidelines when they were gathered together. It was as if he had nothing left and was just staring at them blankly.

But, again, the most frustrating thing for me is that I just didn’t see a lot of “want to” from very many of them after we muffed the punt.

From where I sat – and I am not looking for fake rah rah stuff-- the most noticeably and maybe only visibly upset players that I saw were Ragnow, Kelley, Austin and JRed.

That’s pretty pathetic and telling considering Cornelius is out for the year and who knows if Austin will play again.

We keep hearing that we are close (CBB said it AGAIN in the post game presser) and that is frankly a joke at this point. We also keep hearing that we have a good group that believes in themselves and the coaches.

But from where I sat I just didn’t see any of that. I saw a bunch of people going through the motions. Auburn was killing us and then decided to run a typical Hypocrite Gus gadget play just to rub it in and it’s as if our guys could not have cared less that it went for yet another touchdown.

I’m sick of it. CBB can’t really say much other than coach speak but at this point that is all it is and the writing is on the wall.

The sooner we do something about it the sooner we can start trying to change what has clearly become a losing culture. In the meantime, I, for one, am furious.

That was about as damning an observation as I’ve read. Hopefully you guys had fun away from the stadium.

This observation makes me sad. It’s not the ravings of someone that dislikes Coach B and has an agenda. Its a clear observation from someone that has not gone overboard in all this.

I am sad. I just want to win.

I’m not sure what we are “close” to, other than being the doormat of the SEC.

I’ve seen and been a part of losing teams. At some point the sickness sets in and guys let go of the rope easier. Something broke in this team when we lost to Missouri last year, and barring a miracle, it’s not getting fixed this year.

Usually when a team gets to this point mentally, you have to make a coaching change to try to turn things around. This sure looks like one of those times.

that this once proud program is now in shambles. The scary part - how long is it going to take for another Coach to turn around?

It’s taken five years of Bielema to get us to this point and it will take the next coach three to five years to fix it, ain’t looking good for the Hogs.

It is tough to see our team in this mess. I trust Notorious and his views. Our WHOLE team was built on ball control that protected the defense which required a top notch physical Oline. If the offense can’t control the ball and clock then it is like cryptonite for our whole team.

I am shocked that the OLine is the pivotal part of the offense and CBB let Pittman’s talent eval mistakes be compounded by hiring Anderson from the NFL with no recruiting/current relationships at the HS and JUCO level. Enos keeps calling slow developing plays that expose the weakness of the Oline. The WR’s are talented but green and it got worse with the loss of Cornelius. It is one of the worst things I have ever watched along with Herring’s defense and Robb Smith’s defense.

Wonder how Gus could use hammonds, Jones, Hayden , etc —

This fan base is divided enough without Gus being gas on the fire. I want NO part of Gus.