Toney's importance next year

After last year there appeared to be a lot of uncertainty about whether Notae was going to return to the team. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but looking back, his decision to return was essential to this year’s success.
I have the same feeling about next year with regards to Toney, especially after last night. I think next year’s team has a good chance to be better offensively than this year’s (assuming Jaylin, Devo and the signees are here as well as others). Toney may not seem like a critical piece, but if he comes back I have a feeling we will look back and say that his decision proved crucial to next year’s success.


Couldn’t agree more, have had the same exact thought. I think Toney would be huge in helping our super incoming class feel more confident, like having a shutdown pitcher on the baseball diamond. Even more so when you throw in J Will and Devo.
Maybe next year’s team can play ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ frequently so the tune is always in their head. J Will could be the poster boy for the tune. Blow up a big picture of his big smile and plaster it all over the place.

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Toney can make more money here with NIL than he could scuffling around in the G League or some small European league like Jalen Tate played in for a few weeks (he played in 10 games in Germany). That can certainly be a consideration.

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It would not shock me if Muss advises JD to come back. Not saying that will happen. But I won’t be surprised. Au’diese definitely needs to come back. Hope he and JD both do.

JD’s situation is very complicated…for a lot of reasons. I think Toney comes back.

I sure hope you are right, Jeremy.

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Toney would be a great asset to mentor the youngsters along. If he doesn’t come back I will respect it.
Muss will probably use game film of Toney’s defense in the future.

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