Toney a bright spot in Hogs' exhibition struggle (story)

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I think the most surprising part of DD’s article, is how out of shape we were, “at the 6 minute mark”. wow. could have been nerves, but man, I pity our team this week, lol.


No mention of Stanley u.

Stanley Umude had 2 points and 4 rebounds and 2 turnovers while playing 17:18.

He was 1-of-6 from the floor, 0-of-2 from 3 and 0-of-2 from the fee throw line.

What’s the old saying? If you can’t say something good about a person, don’t say anything. :grinning:

Seriously, hopefully, this was just a complete outlier for Umude. If the Hogs are to contend for the SEC championship, Stanley will need to be a integral part of the Hogs’ offense. I believe that will happen.


That’s one thing I have never understood as to how teams can be out of shape when they’ve had all off season to get in shape.Muss seemed like he was shocked at how winded we were…I guess he thought they had done enough to be in shape…I guarnatee they will be some tired young men for a the next several weeks trying to get that corrected.

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He was probably just sending the message to the players that they things aren’t going to get any easier.

Nothing for fans to worry about in my opinion.


I don’t get this “sending the message” take. Are you saying they were really in shape?

PJ, you are reading way too much into this. There is no way Muss would put it out there that his team wasn’t in shape without a reason. His comments were 100% directed at the team. Muss orchestrates every single thing they do, and every word he says in public has a purpose. I mean, he gave up a potential win last year by putting his players in weighted vests carrying bricks above their heads. Do you really think they aren’t in shape heading into the season? Muss is crazy…like a fox.


Having watched it all, it sure didn’t seem an issue after the starters played the first six minutes.

He was so sending a message just as Coach Sutton, Coach Richardson and Coach Anderson did before him.

This is getting way overblown.


The sky is perpetually falling for some people before the season even begins. Blows my mind.

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I agree, and I was there also. Devo and JD both played every minute of the 2nd half and were going strong at the end.

Toney played most of the last 15 minutes of the 2nd half and was still crashing the boards at the end.

And, best of all, Lykes also played most of those minutes and was all over the court going full steam. If anyone had an excuse to not be physically fit it would be him. He hadn’t played an actual game in a full year, due to injury.

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I agree with that. I mentioned in my Cleveland Hill thread that it is what probably happened, plus injuries to some players like Jaylin, not allowing them to go thru all the conditioning drills. But Muss’s statement didn’t exactly sync up with that and got me wondering.

Regardless, nothing to worry about here.

PJ, why do you continually search for negatives within the basketball program.

EM makes one statement (have you ever heard of coach speak?) and you go berserk.

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Apparently team looked gassed in first ten minutes. EM said something about it, implying they need to get in shape. I said it could have been first game nerves or injured players not able to work out. But since they did look gassed, I took EM comments at face value.

Then a couple of you responded that team was in fact not just in good shape but phenomenal shape and they were not gassed. And EM simply was sending a message.

I understand coachspeak. But if players are in phenomenal shape and coach says they are not, I failed to see what the message was. So I asked what the message was. Don’t see what is negative in this case,

For the record, I have never been all-in with any coach. However, I have questioned the happenings in this program less than any other time and any other coach. But do realize I stand out because I am the only one on this forum that asks questions since Muss arrived and whatever good things I have said about Muss is forgotten. But I am fine with it,

I think Muss has a chance to be the best coach the program has ever had. Yes, better than Nolan. But that doesn’t mean there are no questions to be asked.

I was not surprised with southpaw’s comment. Your response did. That was as good and well thought out a response that I can remember on this board. I don’t always agree with your opinions but I know you know way more about basketball than I do. This was as mature and intelligent a response as I can recall. I appreciate what you contribute.


The players aren’t out of shape. Some players are more in shape than others, due to injury issues which cause them to miss practice time. It’s just “coach speak” to motivate players to work harder. Some of you taking Muss’ comments way too seriously.


Yeah coaches do it all the time. Nick will blast Bama players all the time that aren’t getting the job done on the field in his post-game pressers. So does Muss.

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No one takes every single comment a coach says at face value. You know darn well Muss wasn’t serious with the whole “shocked at how out of shape players were.” You’re just trying to stir up negative crap on this board cuz u don’t like Muss.


The ones who have missed time are the ones that are not in the shape they need to be in… very understandable… not really coach speak just is what it is