Ton of coverage from today

Gamer focused on Jaylen. Asked him about a comment he made about Dame Lillard a few weeks back and he wound up getting a shoutout from him: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … s-blowout/”></LINK_TEXT>

Story on Daryl’s performance two days after an ankle injury: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … er-injury/”></LINK_TEXT>

Notebook on C.J. playing well, Gafford’s foul issues, Hall getting some run, the walk-ons, Chuck being back: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -breakout/”></LINK_TEXT>

Mike, Jaylen, Daryl interview:

Kevin Ollie, Jalen Adams interview:

Photo gallery: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 2-67-pk80/”></LINK_TEXT>

Jimmy it was a good weekend but could have been great if the hogs would have made some shots early aginst the Tar Heels. The whistle and free throw difference is just part of what our hogs have to overcome. In yesterday’s games the walk was called more frequently and Maye came back to earth.
There’s no place to play a blue blood and get a fair shake.