Tomorrow's starting lineup

Arkansas is probably going to start with this group tomorrow, which gives an indication of what Dave Van Horn has seen through four weeks of practice.

RHP Isaiah Campbell
C Casey Opitz
1B Jordan McFarland
2B Jacob Nesbit
3B Jack Kenley
SS Casey Martin
LF Christian Franklin
CF Dominic Fletcher
RF Heston Kjerstad
DH Matt Goodheart

Van Horn said Goodheart can play a number of positions. He mentioned that he is pushing Jordan McFarland right now at first base, and that he and Christian Franklin could be platooned in left field.

Trevor Ezell, the graduate transfer from SEMO, still is not able to play because of the shoulder surgery he underwent this summer. He and Nesbit might battle for second base at some point.

What time is the game tomorrow?

The first pitch is set for 6 p.m. I think the games open an hour beforehand.

Thanks, I’m going to try and make it.

what kind of player is Nesbit? I assume when Ezell gets healthy he will start at 2B. Franklin was the top player In MO. he must be pretty good.

Franklin has to be one of the most freakish athletes the baseball team has had. He can run, jump and is strong.

The little I have seen of Nesbit makes me think he is better with the glove than the bat.

can Franklin hit?? I kind of figured that about nesbit…I know Goodheart can hit what about lefirie(sp)