Tomorrow's schedule is changing

According to the SEC, at least one baseball game — Auburn vs. Kentucky — that was scheduled for today has been moved to tomorrow at the SEC Tournament.

That is likely to delay the Arkansas-Alabama game time, but there is no word on an updated schedule yet.

Could be a long week!

Fixed it for ya.

I had a feeling that was going to happen. Probably won’t be the last time they will have to do that.

HAHA….many thanks Neastarkie!!!

Florida-South Carolina, Game 2, will start at 6:45 p.m. The tournament is running about six hours behind schedule.

Matt do you know who we’re starting tomorrow?

Not yet.

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According to SEC Network, the game tomorrow will begin at approximately 1 p.m.

The SEC network showed the LSU game was moved form tonight and will play tomorrow morning first game.

Auburn Kentucky have to play in the morning army LSU plays tomorrow night well supposed to

The LSU game will be Thursday morning.

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There is a strong chance of showers throughout the afternoon in Hoover tomorrow. It might be much later when Arkansas plays.

Yeah I saw that I didn’t want to say anything. When I looked I saw 70% starting at 1:00 all the way in the evening. May not even get to play tomorrow at all there’s nothing less 40% chance into Thursday morning

When it rains it pours……

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It really does Danny it’s 100% chance of rain on the hourly forecast all day Thursday it says it possibly could be Friday before we play… I knew this was going to be a nightmare. I’m wondering can they get the tournament in

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If the weather gets too bad, the next round of games could potentially be changed to single elimination. The weather is supposed to be fine beginning Friday.

I just hope our hogs win that first game!

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That’s what I was thinking they might possibly do Matt

Just take top 4 and play double elimination format like NCAA Regionals. Let the others go home and cross their fingers and toes.