Tomorrow's media availability

Arkansas is making all six seniors available at once tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll get a chance to speak with some guys we rarely or never hear from, like Trey and Dustin Thomas. What are some things you’d like to hear them touch on? I’m looking forward to talking with DT about the ups and downs he’s had this season and his play of late. We haven’t gotten him all year, so I think that could be interesting.

What will they miss the most? What are their expectations for the rest of the season? What do they think about the the FBI NCAA investigation?

  1. Are they both 100% healthy now?
  2. Which teammate has grown & developed the most this season in their opinion?
  3. Which teammate is funny & keeps the team loose most days?

How much are they going to miss Bob Holt?

What are their plans for the future?

Definitely going to have to ask Daryl about this :lol: Ever since I started, Daryl has picked at Bob about letting someone else ask the first question of press conferences.

Ask them their favorite media people.