Tomorrow's game

IMO, tomorrow is the key game of the year. I hope we compete, play well,and know what we are doing. The score to me is not as important as these things and the second half of the Ole Miss and this game will tell us a lot I hope, good things. Go Hogs.

I thought last weeks game was. Tomorrow’s game only matters if we somehow lose. I don’t think that’s going to happen. We might not play as well as we want. I suppose we could have another Portland St type game, but I don’t think so.

Yes, I feel we will win, actually I hope we play a lot of guys and they are all on board.

At the beginning of the year, I considered CSU to be the key game. I know a lot of folks thought OM was (a truer measure of where we stand and perceived to be one of the more winnable conference games). But I never thought we had much of a chance to steal that road game with lots of freshmen and an unsettled QB.

In my mind, CSU was key for the season: could we shake our demoralizing loss from last season, and could we not only NOT melt in the 4th, but could we put someone away late in a game?

Since both answers last week were yes, the NEXT key game will be what is considered our most winnable conference game … to keep bowl eligibility on the table.

In my opinion every game is important!
The CSU game gave the hogs the chance to close where last year they melted and folded. This team may have more heart and fight. We will see.
To get to a bowl the Ole Miss loss made it pretty hard for that to happen.
Tomorrow gets the hogs to 3 wins if they do in fact win.
They have 1 non conference game left to get to 4 wins so they need to win 2 SEC games. Kentucky lost their staring QB for the year so there’s a chance and the Ole Texas A&M game in Jerry’s world where the hogs have failed to hold onto a lead late in games.

I just want to see the offense improve and the OL show they can block and protect the QB! And the defense improve defending the run! Set and hold the edge.

We will all have a better idea about how it will go in 3 weeks.

Last week the CSU game was the most important. It’s over and now the most important game is SJS.

It’s a shame we do not play Tn or Vandy this year.

This team could not beat either one of them this year.