Tomorrow's game time

The game is scheduled for 3 right now, but that won’t be finalized until the night is over. If some of these other Saturday-Monday super regionals end tonight, I think there is a good chance Arkansas’ Game 3 will get moved back to more of a primetime position.

Oh, come on now, Matt, haven’t you learned by now that Primetime is WHENEVER THE HOGS PLAY? :smiley:

Now confirmed: Tomorrow’s game will begin at 3 p.m.

With FSU eliminating LSU will we get that evening slot?

Matt that just doesn’t make sense but whatever I’ll be there!

I was told ESPN had to make a decision by around 8 o’clock tonight. At that time the LSU-FSU game was not finished.

If that’s the case with ESPN then the next time we host a super regional both DVH and HY should insist on ALL night games! It doesn’t matter what day just give us evening games. We can fight the WM traffic!

Pathetic we don’t get prime time!!

only 2 games today and we got the best of that

Aubbie vs UNC a noon

us vs them 3 pm

who will be there for us? Rebnecks were loud with what numbers they had as frontrunners