Tomorrow's game is sold out

That is the fourth sellout on campus this season and two more are likely. Next Saturday’s game vs. Ole Miss has less than 400 tickets remaining and the Kentucky game has less than 40.

If we can get back in the win column again, there will probably be several more.

It’s amazing how many more will turn out for a Saturday afternoon or early evening game than for a mid-week game in the middle of the night.

Part of that may be fewer people want to drive a couple of hours during the middle of the week and get back home at midnight or later when they have to get up early the next day for work. That may or may not be the case. One would think, though, that there would be enough people in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and other NWA places to buy mid-week tickets.

If all the games were not on TV, that would be true. The every-game-on-TV model significantly shrinks the ticket-buying pool, not only because people can save money by watching from home, but also because of the game times. The 6 p.m. starts are too early and the 8 p.m. starts are too late for a lot of people outside of Washington County.

A lot of what you say is true Matt. But, not to start the great debate If those games were played in Little Rock they would be sold out. There are a lot of fans out side of Washington county that do not have ready access to the Razorbacks that would be there. The market in Washington county has been saturated. Not saying one group of fans is more loyal than the other, we all know that is not true, just that the fans there can pick and choose when they want to go. Rest of us kinda have to Take what we can fit into.