Tomorrow's game canceled … sday-game/

Whew, I was worried about a late game and the rain. Dog shows and baseball don’t always mix.

but at least the RPI gets a little relief! :slight_smile:

This actually might help Arkansas a little bit in the long run. First, the pitching staff is going to be full-strength for a conference series, whereas Alabama is going to play a midweek nonconference series against Auburn.

Also, these SWAC games kill the RPI. Grambling State is No. 277 out of 299 teams. If Arkansas keeps winning it could be in position to host a regional at the end of the season and RPI/SOS plays a big role in that. Not playing Grambling may help more than beating Grambling.

I believe that was LosAngelesHogs’ point, Matt.


Yes, that’s what I thought LAHog was writing about, too. Hogs didn’t need this game, other than to get some younger players some work. With so many pitchers out with injuries (nothing new, just the ones you’ve known about for six weeks), this is a game that can be tossed away.

Interestingly, the weather was great at Baum Stadium last night. My wife and I were going to dinner about 6 p.m. and we noted that there was bad stuff in other areas of the state, but south Fayetteville was rather nice. I believe they would have gotten the game in had Grambling made the trip. Now, it might have been a dicey trip to come through some of those storms south of here, but they could have played the game.

I don’t blame them for calling the game. Arkansas typically pays for a team like Grambling to travel here, so it stood to waste a lot of money if the game couldn’t be played.

I thought it was a good decision all around. The SOS/RPI was either going to be hurt or at best not helped and the forecast was awful. Add in the rest for the pitchers & this was as good a game to cancel as there is.