Tomorrow's game called off

Nothing on the A&M website yet but that could change.

Told they’re still having Covid issues. Arkansas is supposedly scrambling to try to find a game for Sat or Sunday.

I don’t think either team will put anything on their websites or social media until the SEC announces the postponement. That has been the protocol since the fall.

Nothing on the SEC site yet either.

247 has it posted.

Oh well it would be nice to play. But I sure don’t want our hogs to play a team that would cause us to postpone games!

It would probably have to be a nonconference game. The other 12 teams are all playing Saturday – unless one of those games gets zapped too. Or somebody agree to play a back to back, like moving LSU up from next weekend.

When UNC’s ACC game Monday got zapped, they literally put something on Twitter and found an NC game in a day or so (Northeastern U agreed to come to the Dean Dome Wednesday). We might have to do the same.

Soybean Tech in Jonesboro is available. Their game vs Texas St. is cancelled. Don’t know if it is because of Texas St. or not.

Don’t know anything about their team this year. If they want us so badly, maybe they will pay to come to Fayetteville. As with football, we would have a whole lot to lose with that game and probably to lose even with a big win.

Aggie site is showing the game postponed.

Tulsa is open. Great time for that makeup game.

The U of A reached out to them when we lost the Tulsa game at that time they didn’t want any part of the Hogs.

I hope they don’t play ASU. I’d like to see them the Hogs get a game with Wichita State and crush them on their home court! I know that’s far fetched!

It’s on now.

I’m not one of those who’s in favor of the football game, but this could be a pretty good way to get a game in and shut them up for a while. If they could play tomorrow or Sunday, it won’t give the A State people and the general population much time to get revved up about it. Just play the game, and they can get back out of town, and then we can move on to more important matters next week. They’re decent, but should be no reason to worry about losing to them.

I don’t how it’s mathematically possible for A&M to still have Covid issues a month+ after they first started.

They must have issues with the season all together and want to avoid playing that’s what it seems like. There’s no chance for them to play more than 2 games after March 3. Just shut it down for them!

Buzz’ has to take a hit on some of this. A&M has played only 15 games from their 23 scheduled. I’m sure not every game cancelled was A&M’s fault, but a good number of them were. 8 is a ridiculous number of missed games. Two of them have affected us.

As many games that a&m have had cancelled on a continual basis (over a month now) there must be some serious funk going on down Texas way. With protocol not being strictly adhered to,possibility of passing it back&forth EVEN THOUGH some claim you can only get it once.

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