Tomorrow (Sunday) is Arkansas day on SEC

This is the listed schedule for the SEC network. It may or may not be correct. Right now the schedule shows Mizzou at Arkansas, but Bama at Auburn is showing.


Just browsed across the SEC Network and noticed everything today involved Alabama, so thought they might be starting their annual run of featuring one conference school per day leading up the the Football Media days. Scrolled ahead and - sure enough - tomorrow (Sunday 7/3) is our day.

Actually starts at midnight Eastern, so 11 PM tonight Central with our butt-kicking of Texas in Football.

If you’re looking for something to watch, or want to record some of the featured games on the DVR, here is your chance.

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Thx Marty

Thankfully, we’ve advanced beyond the point where Portland State is one of our featured football games on our Takeover Day (which it was in 2020).

With the way they’re showing that “Ole Miss wins the CWS” commercial down our throat at every break (should be suspended for “Arkansas Day”), I wish they’d pull out the “Fourth and 24” game from a few years ago and show that today.

What is the #15 LSU vs #6 Arkansas?


Aloha Marty,
Thank-you very much for this post! My family and I greatly enjoyed watching the UT and Auburn wins last night. Both of my UA children stormed the field/court at those events. Precious lifetime memories. I missed both due to deployment…it was neat to experience the excitement together last night. Mahalo!
UA…Campus of Champions

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