Tomorrow could be repeat of today?

There is talk about Watkins commitment tomorrow. To create room for him, have a feeling either Walsh declares or Mitchell portals.

I am feeling for Walsh. He came in with Black and Nick as 3 certain one and dones. It is going to be hard to stay behind, especially since his name is showing up on few mock drafts.

I’ve lost confidence that Watkins lands here. Not completely. I think it could happen. But, far less confident than I was last Sunday, when it seemed imminent.

Watkins isn’t committing.

Not committing or not coming …. I think we’ve moved on from him…


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Fair to say Muss is seeking a big out of the portal still?

I think we will end up with somebody better than Watkins and I think they do too… I would hate to be a coach in the transfer portal world today that’s all I can tell you LOL

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