Tommy Tubs resigns rather than be fired

seem to have saved Cinncy buyout bucks. Novel and unusual if I read it as giving up 1.5 million. Nice move on his part. Duck season will be open for real quickly, so maybe Tubs will grace East AR and will probably make a good television announcer ex-coach, if not hired somewhere again in this silly season: … le-resigns

Tubs is a good Arkansan. Good coach that knows SEC. Step up and hire him as a consultant. Saban would. Let’s see if we can really do what it takes to compete with Bama.

Tommy has a good resume as a DC. His Auburn teams always played great D.
He would be a good replacement for Robb.

I, like the great Orville Henry, was furious when TT was left at the altar in favor of the emotional, rah rah choice.

Nutt ended up being decent, but I believe Tuberville would have had better success and probably wouldn’t have constantly been servicing his ego and wallet with constant flirtations (with other jobs and news women.

I enjoyed it when Tuberville dominated Alabama and let them know about it. He was pretty good with a zinger.

I hear that opinion a lot, but Nutt dominated TT on the field.

Just because he “resigned” doesn’t mean he isn’t getting his money. Yes, they could have waited until Wednesday and paid him less than today, but he could have agreed to “resign” today and accept the money he would have gotten Wednesday.

I have no idea what went down, but I would be surprised if he just left $1.5 million on the table.

Tis true. I’m not a HDN fan but he did get he better of TT. I remember a pleasantly cold, rainy afternoon in Fayetteville when Arkansas dominated a TT Ole Miss team. Then there was Fred “Ferrari” Talley in Aubrun.

I’m not sure how it ended up. Nutt dominated him early. Not so much later. Overall, Tuberville had much more success.

I can definitely concede that point Pig. One just resigned - the other has been out of coaching via the Grove. I just never was really a TT fan either.

Score one for my memory. Tuberville started 1-4 vs Nutt and ended up 5-5. He finished 5-6 vs. Arkansas, as Petrino beat him in his first year at Arkansas and Tuberville’s last at AU).

Oddly, TT and Nutt both had some very important wins against one another as huge underdogs.

I can identify with people not liking Tuberville. Back when I was drinking the HDN Kool Aid (pre 2003), I couldn’t stand TT.

But, he won me over by punking Bama and making them like it. And, it always seemed to me he loved Arkansas and the UA (at least until he was robbed of the job) and I respect that.

I think he would make a heckuva DC if he wants to continue coaching.

TT got one of the worst deals in playoff history when his undefeated Auburn team didn’t get in the NC in 2004. USC beats Okie 55-19 for the NC and then the NCAA vacates the trophy for USC a few years later. Not that I’m crying for them because they got an NC in 2011 with that bought QB, but TT didn’t get to enjoy it.

Bowden went undefeated at Auburn too.

They’ve always had great players (still do).

There are all kinds of rumors as to how they recruit so many studs.

Some of that has been documented, but apparently there was not enough “evidence” for the NCAA.