Tommy Brasher

Clay wrote this amazing piece last year. It was not long after he traveled from his home on Orcas Island, WA and attended the 50-yr annual Hot Springs HS (class of 69) fishing tournament on Lake Ouachita. He fished with a fellow classmate and me for most of one day.

Didn’t catch anything. Coach told endless, hilarious stories about his 30-yr coaching career with NFL HOF players…and we all rolled around laughing for hours. Best day fishing I ever had.

Coach Brasher will be in the AR Sports Hall of Fame one day. I just hope it happens soon while he is still heathy enough to attend the induction ceremony.

He is always among my favorite interviews. May be time to call him again.

That link is thru the DG website and not everyone has a subscription there. Here is the link at Whole Hog Sports of the same story:

Thanks for posting this for those of us who don’t subscribe to the ADG. I remember my Nephew (who was a High School football coach and AD for years) calling me after attending a Hog game in Morris last season. He said these kids are just laying down, lack of effort which means they don’t care. Excellent piece from the past.

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