Tommy Brasher

Remember Tommy from my youth. This was one of the best and most informative articles I can remember. Well done Tommy!.

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Clay…this has to be one of your best ever! Bravo!!!

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Great read Clay, would love to know his thoughts on SF DL line… what he is talking about is what I’ve been saying this week, if the 49ers can run the ball like they have been, that’ll take possessions away from Mahones. Second can the SF DL put pressure on Mahones and get him to the ground? If you just pressure him and he gets running around the Chiefs will break off there routes and that won’t bode well for the 49ers.

Tommy was a great fullback for the EL Dorado Wildcats. He moved there from Ferrriday, La.

El Dorado sent some great players to Fayetteville. Wayne Harris might be the best to have ever suited up for the Hogs. The Thumper.

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