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I really appreciate the honesty that Tom Murphy displayed on Hit That Line in pointing out things that often seem off limits on this board.
Yes, losing 24 players is a sign of some sort of problems and Sam needs to listen to the players and find the answers.
Yes, a lack of playing backup players is a possible prime factor is losing so many players. I have suggested this on here multiple times only to be told you just don’t do that. Bologna. Why we kept playing terrible dbs rather than giving younger prospects a shot is a good example. It is no surprise that young dbs have fled the scene. It is a problem.
Nothing wrong behind the coaches leaving as they were all promotions.
How Sam handles this next year is important because the problems can’t just be blown off even by strong Pittman supporters like me.

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If Wally Hall had made those statements, I would take them with a grain of salt.

As far as I know, Tom Murphy doesn’t make a practice of throwing stuff out there to create a buzz.

However, I’ve not heard anything like that anywhere else.

Tom Murphy - Hit That Line

Tom is a troublemaker.

JK of course. Yeah, I think the lack of playing time did play a factor into guys leaving. I don’t think that’s too shocking. Whether or not they deserved to play in front of the starters or not, I usually side with the coaches since they see the kids in practice. Would I have let others play? Maybe. I would have a better idea if I saw practice.


It would be interesting to know how many of the departed were re-recruited to stay, and of the ones that were, was the pitch to come back as a probable back up or with a position change.

The staff, (including the HC as I understand it) had post- regular season meetings with everybody on the roster who could come back. which likely helped make quite a few decisions.

Since that first round of meetings, I suspect that there’s been further communication with the new position coaches/DC about the future. Lastly, the team probably has been given some small idea what the off-season program is going to be like, including individual expectations. Some guys may not like what they heard.

Could there be some underlying issue(s) sending more guys to the exit? Sure. But I think the biggest reasons are probably players just seeking more playing time (which these days goes hand in hand with money) and the HC’s willingness to pretty ruthlessly make changes in roster and staff to avoid another 6-6 finish.

Part of the problem is that we were scratching and fighting to the bitter end on just about every game to get the win. We didn’t have a UAPB game like we had last year where everyone got to play. Mississippi State, BYU, and Ole Miss were the only games off the top of my head where it seemed the game is out of reach in the second half and the meltdown on the boards about Pittman taking the foot of the gas against Ole Miss is due to Pittman letting some reserves play with a big lead.

I think in the bowl game we saw what some of these players could do if just given the chance. I know Sam has said at times it is hard to take so and so off the field. Well some players on the field that wore down or under performed could have used a break to rest and to watch the game and pick up on things.
Meanwhile a player like Harris is out there getting that all so valuable game experience.
More value needs to be placed on accountability for poor play.
Watching the women’s hoops game vs Kentucky, with the game well in hand Spencer took three shots that all appeared to be trying to pad stats when she had played so well without scoring. Boom! Coach saw it and she was on the bench. Coach Neighbors gives the players a free hand, but there was accountability shown in that case.

deleted post :scream:

I was totally kidding about Tom. Totally.

Can we not joke around a bit without someone taking it serious? Tom is a total professional.


I totally knew you were kidding!

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Richard, you were 100% clear you were joking….


Hurst, crook may become great in his time here, however he gave up 3 of Kansas touchdowns including the one in overtime. He wouldn’t be playing but for necessity.

You sub him in during the season and a touchdown occurs and you lose the game coach is skewered for it.

Just isn’t gonna happen unless you have no choice

We got a bunch of people who want to “get the kid some experience” but when the kid plays the other team’s band starts playing.

There’s a reason he ain’t out there, y’all.

Crook played quite a bit the last half of the year in obvious passing downs because he can really run. I think he’s going to be in the rotation going forward, though we do have some other young talent that will be pressing him in the spring.

Boy, I am glad to read this one.

Being an older timer I tend to attach “truth” to the typed word even in the cyberspace dominant of sports unless prefaced by a wink and nod in the style of America’s greatest humorist, Mark Twain.

I suppose my regard for your usual seriousness in recruitment reporting set me up. I will delete my original comment to avoid the misinformation going-viral-tendency of anything posted vis-a-vis a social media site regardless of ownership.

Thanks for your response.

So do we endlessly coach and play scared?
If Crook had been playing all along by the bowl game you might have had a skilled performer.
It seems like I just read that we had the worst pass defense in the country. Did I read that right? If that is so God forbid that we had played some of the kids that have since transferred than some of the worst upper classmen in the league. Parker played pretty well when pressed into service. Next game no sign of him. Now he is gone.
Fans get upset that we get a huge lead and then stop what we were doing and play not to lose.
That is all part of coaching scared. If Sam wants to take the next step, and he does, that kind of stuff has to stop.

No problem. Appreciate your reply.

I know how hard Tom works to get things right and I can get defensive about him or anyone else here.

Crook played? Paul played a lot on passing downs in the second half of the season, I’d have to see a participation chart with snaps on defense to say he played significant time. I realize after Bumper had surgery he played more in the final two games.

They were running him in (# 36 if I remember right) from time to time. Paul (# 27) was in a lot more.

I only noticed much after Bumper’s surgery.