Tom Schueck Passes

A great friend to the Razorback program passed away today. Tom Schueck, 78, died after battling a series of illnesses. He was the founder of Lexicon Steel in Little Rock, a huge Arkansas company with a wide reach across the country.

Obviously, the company’s name identifies it as a steel company, but there were also divisions that did many other things, including build high end golf courses.

I got to know Tom through my good friend Wayne Reed, a Lexicon vice president. I have been a guest many times at Steel Wings Duck Club, owned by Lexicon. I have had many dinners and breakfasts with Tom. He loved to talk about the Razorbacks.

Steel Wings is a unique place, once owned by Jerry Jones. But Tom took it and remodeled and expanded it into probably the nicest duck lodge in Arkansas. If there is something you can think of that was not there, and mentioned it, Tom would have it there the next time.

I’ve had a tour of Lexicon and it’s an impressive place. Massive facility near the airport.

Tom has served on the highway commission, airport board and many others. Some of my friends have served with him and said you knew what you’d get with Tom, always involved and always holding others accountable. If you spoke up, he was going to challenge you and what you said. He just wasn’t going to slide through things. It was going to be done right. He might agree with you, but he was always going to question what was going down.

Tom allowed his jet to be used by the UA coaches for recruiting. Wanted the Hogs to do well and if they didn’t, wanted to know why. When there were special projects going on at the UA, he could be counted on to help, although most never knew it.

The other thing I learned, Tom treated his people right at Lexicon. They made him a lot of money and he made sure to reward them. That wasn’t just pay, it was with things like use of his duck club or trips to hunt elk, etc.

Tom was a giant of a man. Many around him just called him “Big Daddy.” And, that was a great way to reference him.

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Condolences and prayers for the family. Msy Mr. Schueck Rest In Peace!

Is Wayne Reed from Hot Springs and about 72 years old? If so, that is the guy who taught me how to work hard!

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I don’t think he is from Hot Springs even though there were many significant Reed folks in Hot Sprins when I grew up. A really detailed Steel Wings description with info about Wayne Reed being North Little Rock and Atkiins raised:

I’ll never get to Steel Wings but I did get lots of hunting between Humphrey and Humnoke as a kid courtesy of Dr. Hal Black. That was also what people thought so fondly of when describing Stuttgart duck hunting glory days.

Suspected it was unlikely but wanted to know. Thanks for the follow-up!

Atkins as a kid, but finished school at NLR Northeast then UCA. We were at UCA at same time but did not meet until about 12 years ago. We fly fish together.

My uncle was his right hand man. And yes, he was very good to him.

I even had the privilege of going to the duck lodge and it was awesome.

I am sure he will be sorely missed. Prayers for the family and friends.

Condolences & prayers for Sir Tom and his family.

No one can imagine the overall “awesome” nature of Steel Wings. I have been there often and it is just really luxurious. Food is out of this world. My wife always cautions me when I head there for a weekend. Can’t eat everything because you will gain 25 pounds over the course of duck season if you go 3 weekends. Can’t do the appetizers, main course and then the deserts. Got to make good decisions. For instance, you might have to eat only two pieces of fried chicken if you are going for the pecan pie ala mode. And you might need to skip the duck poppers or bacon wrapped shrimp in the appetizer round. Can’t do it all or you will need to add some air in the tires for the trip home.


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