Tom Murphy visits with Hunter

Here you go:

Ticket revenue up $7 million in football alone. They will spend that quickly paying coaches in all sports it sounds like.

I’m confident the boosters with deep pockets will donate the $$$ to the RF to make all of this work. If I had deep pockets I’d be the first in line.

Boosters with deep pockets are careful with their money. Although I believe he’ll get a good raise with good incentives, it won’t be massive after only 2 seasons.

Boosters with deep pockets are falling all over themselves to help out their favorite university teams. We need to hope our’s are enthusiastic with their favorite sports team as well


Yep. Four or five Sparty boosters are basically paying Mel Tucker’s $9.5 million salary. Not to mention some of the ridiculous NIL deals.

The market has been reset, and HY knows it. Billy Napier, who has never coached an SEC game, is making $7 mill at Florida.

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HY is prioritizing keeping the coaching staff intact if they are tempted by lateral moves. He and CSP seem to be on the same page with that strategy. Therefore, Sam may be willing to spread the wealth a bit as he has said earlier that he wants his staff to be well-compensated.

And that’s just nuts, but it simply is the price of doing business days.

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I got a letter this week that I’m a member of the RF at the $50 level for subscribing to Hogs + :rofl:

How long before they ask me for more $ ?

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I got one of those too. I wonder if they noted my 250% increase in donation as REQUIRED to keep my baseball seat?

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