Tom Luginbill on Marty & McGee

A Bama fan wanted to know about adding players during the spring signing period. Luginbill gave a great explanation:

There is going to be a huge mathematical problem in college football over the next twelve to eighteen months because of the extra year of eligibility. … They’re allowing everybody to be over 85 for one year, one year only. Then you’ve got to get back down to 85. What they’ve done is, they’re giving everybody that extra year of eligibility. But if you’ve exhausted your agreement to your scholarship with your respective institution, that school is not required to give you your extra year of eligibility. You still have it, but they don’t have to give it to you at their place.

… a lot of teams are holding scholarships back. … So instead of spending that scholarship during signing day … you hold a couple back.

The reason I say this is going to become a mathematical nightmare, is when you sign a kid to a letter of intent he is now what is referred to as an initial counter towards your 85. What the NCAA has done is say everybody gets a free year of eligibility and dumped it in the teams laps and gave them no parameters and no rules as to how it’s going to work. So here is the question all the coaches are asking, well if I sign a guy two years ago and he wants to transfer, does he still count as an initial counter for us or does he count as an initial counter for the team he is going to? Also, APR. … Well if I lose a 4.2 guy, and he goes, do I get his APR or does his APR count for the other team.

They’ve created this issue with numbers that is going to be very difficult to navigate.

So basically he said that no, most Power 5 schools will not be adding many (if any) signees, saving them. It really is a numbers game.

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