Tom Lemming with strong words about Bumper Pool (audio) … g-commits/

Yes, but what did he say?

Fred if you want to know, get over it and play the audio.

Richard does a great job wit these interviews and getting them up on here.

Take a few minutes and listen.

It’s like TV without the pictures.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hahaha well played, Dudley.

I can read faster than the video.
Sometimes I will take the time; however, sometimes I will
not devote the time to listen to a video. That applies
to many web sites I frequent.

I can live without the video.

Me too. If it’s not worth writing, why place it on the board?

Duds, I have preferences. You judging my preferences AND making fun of me? How out of character!
(Ooops, here comes Jeff.)

Wasn’t making fun of you at all.

Richard did the radio show on Thursday night, went on vacation Friday.

He put up the segments before he left.

You certainly don’t have to listen to them, but its not as if he had the choice to do both

The radio and video segments are some of the most popular and most listened to or watched.

It’s certainly more of a generational thing.

I’m about to be 54 and still like written stories, but I am adapting with the new stuff as well

When debate ensues between the provider of a service and
the consumer paying for that service, guess who loses.

Don’t offer that rebuttal-you lose.
Don’t make that snide remark-you lose.
Got to have that last word-you lose.

That certainly wouldn’t seem to be a good business model.

I didn’t see this as a debate. I saw it as him asking me a question and me answering it while trying to be humorous. Like most of my humor, it works for some people and doesn’t work for others.

Like I mentioned, I am still a fan of the written word, but the younger generation is moving toward being more visual and digital.


Dud. You gotta do it. I had no doubt.