Tom Lemming stretches his credibility

" He was brought to my attention by Allen HC Chad Morris who knows a thing or two about great quarterbacks. "

The kid probably is good/great but I find it hard to believe we would have a solid shot at getting his interest if he is left lane directed.

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Well, in fairness, didn’t Chad find KJ?

I believe so

Yea he could find QBs, but for some reason couldn’t get them to perform for him.

Reminds of Bielema with kickers.

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I think the comment is probably more about the high school quarterbacks who have played for Morris. Jevan Snead played for him at Stephenville and Garrett Gilbert played for him at Lake Travis.

Chad never coached QB at Arkansas, that was boy wonder that could not improve their skills.

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Probably talking about when he was at Clemson.

Like it or not, people in South Carolina credit Morris for helping jump start Clemson into a national power.

Obviously he was a very bad HC at Arkansas but did some good too.

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