Tom Crean...

Dumbbbbbbbbbbb. Getting plenty of heat for these comments and rightfully so. While obviously not full of talent, they have some nice pieces I’d love for us to have.

Wow, thsts crappy. What a horrible show of leadership

Cream probably lost the whole team with those comments! He will see what it’s like to show up for work and be by himself. You don’t sell out your players.

Yet I spent the last football season reading comment after comment from people wanting Chad Morris to throw players under the bus.

That pretty much sums it up. Man hope we get Georgia in first round of SEC tournament, they are a guaranteed win now. When players quit on you they quit on you, see Andy Kennedy last year.

And after year 1 Morris does have numerous transfers. Throwing them under the bus might not be the best term but Morris needed a talent transformation and a Thorough house cleaning. So you Can say Morris threw some under the bus if that’s the term you want to use. And I agree it’s the new coaches prerogative to do so. Like I said, we did it.

To me, throwing them under the bus is commenting on how poorly they have played as individuals or as a team. Crean did that, Morris did not. Morris may have assisted some to come to a decision to transfer, but he did not blame them in public.

This right here.

A good leader helps them find a new home without impacting their dignity

As a leader for years, this display is apalling.

Exactly what I meant. We needed to clean out some deadwood after 2-10, and we did, but CM didn’t call the team out in public.

I agree. Our coach had as much class as a coach can have under those circumstances. Wasn’t calling him no count, but he did clean some house.

The main reason you don’t publicize this is because people flip out.

Crean gave these folks a chance to play in his system and they can’t. Doesn’t mean they can’t play ball, just means they can’t play ball in his system. But, he gave them a chance. It isn’t working and he takes responsibility for that (or for keeping them). He should have told them all to leave before the season started, knowing this was inevitable. He should have made them uproot their education and find them a new place under the radar. But, he didn’t. He gave them a chance. He shouldn’t have spoken publicly about it, because no one will see it that way. They all want to say he sold out his players.

Hasn’t hurt him in recruiting. Big commitment today.
5* instate kid with a UK offer

We get a 5* kid’s mom a job in NWA and still can’t land him.

I thought Crean’s comments would be something a lot of coaches might say internally to their ADs, assistant coaches, etc. after a bad first year trying to coach the holdovers from the previous regime. That kind of self-criticism and job review is acceptable and in many cases, good.

It was just stupid to say that publicly, it can’t possibly do you or the program any good in either the short or long term, and it has tons of potential to cause trouble. Whether his statement was true or not, you need a really good reason to humiliate current players(or employees) in public, and Crean really didn’t have any reason to do so.

He landed an instate kid that won’t be there but a year. They still have major problems on that team.


A leader praises in public and punishes in private.

Crean cares more about his image then the kids.