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Actually the question applies to any and all GOATS. Can an organization get its salary funding from anywhere and bypass the salary cap with endorsements? This may seem like an obvious question but can Tom say, hey, I’ll continue plying but I need 1 billion $. And ESPN and CBS and FOX and NIKE all say just keep playing and we will pay you whatever you want? Can they also dictate the organization he plus for if it’s about money and bypass the salary cap. Just seems likes there’s so many back doors for Brady. But I love it.

Nope. Tom has a few endorsements that bring in about $12 million a year, plus his TB12 business venture (and a wife who makes more money than he does; Gisele makes an estimated $44 million a year from her clothing, perfume and beauty contracts). He consistently took less money in NE than he could have so that the Pats had more money to get players around him. And if he were solely motivated by money, he probably wouldn’t have gone to Tampa (even though Florida doesn’t have state income tax).

But no, even if you’re not married to a supermodel with more cash than you have, your team can’t get around the salary cap by arranging endorsements.

How is it known what he gets or doesn’t get. For instance, can Nike say we will pay you whatever you want just pick a team and keep playing and he sign a contract for the league minimum?

For one thing, if Tom Brady signed a contract very much below market value it would be a flashing neon light that some salary cap shenanigans are going on. Second, why would Nike do that? They’re gonna pay TB or LeBron or Mike Trout what they think he’s worth as an endorser regardless of what he makes from his team. LeBron already makes a lot more from endorsements than he does from the Lakers, as did Tiger Woods essentially from the moment he turned pro.

As for the keep playing, Michael Jordan retired decades ago and he’s still raking in money from Nike. They don’t care that he’s not playing, he’s still valuable to them. MJ’s total salary in his entire NBA career: $93 million. His Nike income today: $100 million plus, per year. Kobe Bryant’s estate is continuing to receive royalties from Nike even though he’s dead, although Vanessa was unable to reach agreement on an extension and is cutting ties, possibly to launch their own shoe line later.

That didn’t exactly answer my question. Can Nike do that if it wants or does the league say no. I’m trying to figure out how the league controls this. So why if shenanigans. Players take less than market value all the time. Why can’t they take zero. Where’s the rule?

I answered the question. You just don’t like the answer because it doesn’t fit your completely implausible scenario. Nike would not tell somebody to take a minimum contract just so they can keep playing. They have no reason to do so. You asked about a GOAT. I gave you a GOAT. Michael Jordan, who hasn’t worn an NBA uniform for 18 years, is still making huge money from Nike. They don’t need somebody like that to keep playing.

I’m not wasting any more of my time on this, You can cling to this stupid fantasy if you want,

You need to calm down and re read your reply here. Not arguing with merits of your argument but tone and fact this is a fellow board member paying $ to be on here is asking a question because he wants the board’s input is serious enough. We can disagree here just like we do very where else in our society these days.

For someone in the league as long as Brady the “Minimum” salary is still millions of dollars more than a younger player’s Minimum salary.
It is why vets get cut for younger players of equal or lesser ability.

I think you guys are reading too much into a simple question. Endorsement deals are not included in salary cap limitations. The salary cap only addresses the salary from the team, athletes are free to make as much in endorsements as they can get. But yes, there is a minimum amount the player can make, or at least a min cap hit. A player can’t play for free so that the team can sign other players.

I was mistaken in that the NFL does not seem to have a “veteran’s minimum salary” that is based off of years of play. The NBA does and 10+ Years is $2.5M. NFL just has a “League Minimum” of $610K. So in theory an accomished veteran, such as Brady, could take League minimum to play, but would still leave millions “On the table” by not taking the warranted players salary due to said player’s value.

I’m just wondering what (rule) stops a company from endorsing a team and helping it. Is there a rule. It’s like the adult version problem of the college scenario. I realize my question is too complicated for swine. Our brains don’t work the same way. I appreciate those who have chimed in. But I think it’s an interesting dilemma if a company chooses to back a team and endorse the team and the players. When does it go to salary cap and when does it go to endorsements. Let’s say Nike chooses to own a football team. The it even gets more interesting. Just wondering what the rules are. Swine doesn’t know the rules so he just tells me my question is stupid. Typical.

Not really. I didn’t see the rule cited. I don’t want opinion. Got anything else?

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I can’t “cite” a rule but the major pro sports have a salary cap to encourage fairness between large market and small market teams, so a company can purchase advertising and naming rights but they cannot work with a team to circumvent the cap by paying the player instead of the team. There is some wiggle room like I mentioned earlier in that a veteran player could play for league minimum but then the would be leaving money on the table, millions of dollars, with the Tom Brady example.

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