Tom Brady officially retires

Tom will go down as the GOAT and proved that the game of football is far more than just physical ability because he didn’t have John Elway’s arm and he wasn’t going to outrun anybody. What he did have was an incredible mind, he prepared for his opponent and knew what to do at the LOS to make the necessary adjustments to put his team in advantageous situations. He was incredibly accurate and I think that along with his incredible preparation will make him go down to the greatest of all time and he will set duration records that will never come close to being broken

I’m not going to feel sorry for him he’s got a 375 million dollar deal waiting for him with Fox to be talking about the game…

TB12 did the same thing last year, then changed his mind (and possibly finished off his marriage as a result). I’ll believe it when he isn’t in training camp in July.

I think he’s gone. I think he saw that he was not able to make the same throws that he’s always been able to make even when they did give him time to throw the ball. I think he’ll be happy to take that 375 million contract and talk about it and not have to worry about getting hit

I wasn’t a Brady fan for a long time. He finally won me over for all the reasons you gave- single minded, incredibly driven, and just forced everyone around him to get better. He took great care of his body to stay at the top of his game as long as he did. Just incredible that guys were playing in the league that were born after he started playing. Unreal.

I do wonder if he and Tom Cruise use the same “doctor”? I assume both take large amounts of HGH or something legal to combat the aging process.

I was at the Citrus Bowl game when we played Michigan. My brother and I went to a lunch with the teams. At one point they had the QBs for both teams stand up and throw footballs around the room. Brady was one of them. He was not that big a deal, he shared quarterbacking duties at Michigan.

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Brady from what I understand is a nutritional freak, goes to incredible extremes to watch what he puts in his body and how he takes care of himself.That’s why he’s able to play as long as he did.

I could probably take care of the 8:30 part of his routine but with sleep apnea like I have,I’d be up at 10:30 11:00(CPAP did absolutely nothing for me)and would be miserable trying to make it to 7:00 the next morning and I could never follow that vegan crap but it sure work for him

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Good for Tom. I’m hooked on bacon, beef and pork.


As a free agent, apparently lack of interest from other teams in signing him for the 2023 season.

With his financial wealth & broadcasting contracts, doubt he will struggle financially or need to dip into his social security during retirement.

I thought it was pretty obvious that his overall skill set was headed downhill this season. There were some things out of his control about the Bucs troubles, but he just wasn’t the same guy as even the year before. So now is a really good time to step away.

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No I can see Tom being able to biggie size at all the drive-thrus :rofl: maybe now that he’s not playing he will allow himself to indulge a little bit LOL


Brady already has a new girlfriend, and she is gorgeous with a rockin’ bod.

I didn’t figure he’d be lacking for companionship.

Interesting how the big $ often attracts the “quality” companionship.

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Well from what I understand that young lady wishes that she was Tom Brady’s girlfriend. If it’s the same blonde headed chick that keeps trolling him daily. There may be some truth to that but I haven’t seen anything official as to them being together.
yeah I don’t think he’s going to be having a problem staying warm at night

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He may come back if the perfect opportunity presents itself. That football stuff is addictive. It’s easy to say you retire. Tough to stay retired.


Yeah I thought I had retired when I left Georgia …stayed that way for about 3 days because as soon as I got back in Mississippi I was contacted to coach and not teach. So I said what the heck let’s do it

Ahhhh for the pre-Regan days of the 90% tax bracket…he likely would have retired a decade ago along with Arron Rogers and the others of that generation of QBs.

It never hit me before now how much that 60 % plus point reduction of tax brackets influenced high-value individuals in deciding when to hang up their shoes. Pain and suffering can feel a lot different when you remind your tired old body you can keep most of the 375 million Fox is offering.

I think he retired last year because of the wife, not because he wanted to. I think that’s what lead to the Big D. I think this year is cause he wants to.

However, if he showed up at the 49ers camp, I would not be surprised at all.

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It’s kind of funny how it works. What would Brady be without Belichick? What would Belichick be without Brady? What would Mahomes be without Reid?

Brady and Belichick were the perfect match of coach and QB and it gave him time to develop into the GOAT

If Brady returning to NFL for another season caused the Big D, then his return only accelerated the inevitable. Kudos to Brady for pursuing his passion & not being henpecked into early retirement.

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