Tom Brady is unbelievable

Like or Hate him he is great!

Over 100,000 passing yards and a Winning TD in 40-50 seconds and no timeouts for the W…

I like Brady, but I never would have chosen football over Gisele.


Agree with everything you said except the liking Brady part. The Rams suck. Brady is hurting much more than his legacy by continuing to play for a team that likely won’t even make the playoffs.

Gisele is worth about as much as Brady right now. But maybe he knew the writing was on the wall. Unretired so she couldn’t get any of that 375 mil Fox Sports contract he will sign upon retirement.

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That’s true, but was that the choice. If so, the man is one of those people who choose work over everything else. I’ve known people who seemingly don’t know how to retire and don’t want to. In sports, one has to retire at a retire at a young age because the body can no longer meet the demands. I don’t understand that. I see much more to life than that. But that depends on whether your career is your life’s passion. Mine wasn’t. Y’all know the saying. I recently began substitute teaching at a charter school (7-12) and it is a wonderful experience. I seem to have a real rapport with the students. Of course, I don’t have to to do the real teacher work of lesson plans, so that makes it easier.

Glad my wife won’t read this board, so if she hears about this, one of you threw me under the bus! Gisele is a beautiful woman but that 375 mil will age better than she does!

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Poor Tom, probably have a hard time finding a date in the off-season.

Brady will have an unimaginable number of beautiful women interested in dating and a serious relationship. He seems intelligent, hopefully as he has matured he has also gained enough wisdom to know what he needs to be happy and at peace. He is certainly one of the greatest QB’s to survive and thrive in the NFL.

I can imagine it. But maybe not fathom it.

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