Toll to CU

Interesting. Does anyone know the real reason he was unhappy at Fayetteville? I heard it was his girlfriend, but this would seem to indicate something else.

Former Arkansas assistant Mark Smith in Boulder.

Didn’t see that coming. Obviously wasn’t home sickness or girlfriend related.

I hate it, but I’d rather see him go to someplace like CU than to one of our opponents or to asu.

I was told it is an extremely complex situation. Extremely. That’s the extent of the answer. I’d heard girl friend and homesick is part of it. But Boulder does not fit in that and that was acknowledged by the person who called it extremely complex.

I’ll say it once more. How could it be a good idea for a 17 year old kid from Hazen to leave high school early, leave home, and enroll at UA?

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I agree. I think most kids make a mistake by leaving HS early. Enjoy that senior year. The prom, graduation, just “being a senior.” Most kids are too immature for college after graduation at 18. I understand how it can be good for the football team, but it’s not a good idea for 90% of the kids.

I would agree that in a lot of cases, staying at home and finishing high school is the right idea. But for others (like Robert Moore with the baseball team), they are ready.

And, then there are other times that I hear of the living conditions at home (or that there is not even a real home), going to school is the right thing. They are going to eat better and live in a safer place at the UofA.

I do not think that applies for Toll.

Oh, no doubt there are exceptions. I agree about Robert Moore. As for those poor kids who have no real home, there’s no doubt the quickest way out is the best move. At least the UA can give them a home. Hate to say it, but I often forget about kids being in the situation you mention. Glad I hedged with “90%” and didn’t say “everyone.”

Excellent point Clay on the living conditions that some kids have. Several men in our Bible Study class took on a project to revive Howard High School baseball here in Chattanooga. It’s the school Reggie White attended and is in a low income, inner city area of town. Over the past three years we’ve spent a lot of time and money (with great help from local business and people) to completely rebuilt the baseball complex. And we’ve been around the kids. Hearing stories straight from their lips that make you tear up is hard to describe. We’re talking life threatening stuff like gunfire into homes and hunger. Most of us live in our little cocoon and never see this stuff. Seeing a youngster break out of these situations is so very wonderful. Sometimes sports is their only way out.

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