Toll and Wallace

Tall rangy athletic guys who are a little on the lite side right now. Where do we see them lining up in BO’s 3-4 Defense? Do you think either will contribute next year? I was intrigued by Wallaces 4 blocked punts this year. Could he be a special teams demon?

That’s why the right strength and condition coach is HUGE.

Both need a redshirt year and to hit the weight room hard.

Toll benched pressed 410 pounds as a 16 year old.


Oh my! That’s impressive! The dude was obviously a man among hornets in Hazen. Is he a prototypical OLB in the 3-4, or do they intend to bulk him up and play him on the line?

Toll looks ready to roll now!

I’m aware of that, if he’s going to play DL here he needs to gain 30 pounds. He does that by hitting the weight room. Just because he can bench a lot doesn’t mean he is SEC ready.

You think he could play early as a linebacker and then bulk up to maybe a rush end later on?

He is no where near fast enough to be a LB in the SEC. He needs a redshirt year, he will end up being a great DE for us but he isn’t ready yet.

Unfortunately, for the next year or 2 we will be forced to play a few who players who are not “SEC ready” from a physical standpoint. They will simply be the best we have at the position. If they are meant for greatness, their early playing time will help them get there.

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Soli was a good example of having to play before he was ready physically. It’s sad but true.

Do yall think Soli will be moved to inside linebacker?

Toll-defensive end

Wallace- OLB. Maybe DE if he adds a lot of weight.