Toledo unhappy Hogs flip-flopped on game

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We’ve become a player. Nice.

I didn’t have to pay, nor register/sign up. Just temporarily adjusted my Ad-Blocker to allow their domain.

I paid $1 to read it. Summary:

In mid-September, Arkansas sent Toledo a contract for a Nov. 15 game at BWA with a $90,000 guarantee. Toledo signed it and waited for Arkansas to sign, but it never happened. At some point — the story seems to indicate it all happened quickly after the initial contact was made — one of Arkansas’ assistant coaches reached out via text and said the Razorbacks would play South Dakota State on Nov. 16 instead. Now, Toledo is scrambling to finish its schedule and might have to schedule an NAIA team. Its coach is not happy with Arkansas.

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I’m sure Toledo wasn’t happy that Arkansas backed out of the agreement, but if you look at the timeline, they only spent a grand total of one week thinking that the game would take place. It’s not like they spent the entire offseason thinking they had a game on that date, so it’s quite a stretch to act like Arkansas is the reason they still haven’t finished their schedule.

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Very odd…when I saw the article headline/link (elsewhere) and clicked on it, I was prompted with a message that asked me to change my Ad-blocker to enable the site’s domain. I did, and it worked fine for me.

However, given the posts in this thread, I tried again and now get the same “pay gate” that the rest of you are encountering.

Would not have posted it if that had happened the first time. I don’t like seeing links that are pay-only, and I know most others don’t either.

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