Told Ryan Wingo

Batman Carroll and Lawrence Richardson did both for us. But that was HDN and McDonnell. I presume Sam and Bucknam could work something out. I’m thinking somebody did both under Bucknam but it may have been a lineman throwing the shotput or something.

I believe Cobi Hamilton ran track as well.

As I recall they would run indoor track until spring practice started, shift to that for those 4-5 weeks, then go back to finish the outdoor track season.

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Expecting things to heat up with Arkansas & Ryan very, very soon.

Yes but, a serious head or spinal cord injury can change your life too. And not in a good way. Being an Olympic gold medalist can lead to plenty of gold. And I’m not just talking medals. And whatever became of Raymond Wingo?

Just a serious knee of leg injury can squash an Olympic sprinters career.